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New Asphalt Maintenance And Tips

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Kowals Paving, LLC is a family operated business who provides the highest quality commercial and residential paving services serving the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas.

From start to finish we work with each customer from the time of their quotation until completion, thus allowing us to build a closer relationship.  This type of experience keeps our customer informed and allows each job to run as smoothly as possible. 

We have all the proper tools and equipment to handle all large residential and commercial paving projects.  Our cost estimates ensure the customer is getting a long lasting, durable asphalt surface for the right price.

Kowals Paving, LLC is licensed and fully insured with decades of experience in the paving industry.  Our work is guaranteed and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  A list of references and insurance information is available upon request. 

ASPHALT PAVING – We provide the necessary equipment to excavate undeveloped areas.  For the final process of a new, compacted asphalt surface to achieve the proper finish.

ASPHALT OVERLAYS – We provide asphalt overlays to existing surfaces per customer’s request.

GRADING & DRAINAGE – We offer grading and draining installations for parking lots, driveways, etc.

MILLING SERVICES – We provide milling and disposal of existing asphalt.

Kowals Paving guarantees quality results for various projects including but not limited to:

•Commercial projects

•Large residential projects

•Service stations



•Development roads

•Parking Lots (Including catch basins, sewer manholes and drainage piping)