New Asphalt And Driveway Tips

New Asphalt Driveway and Tips

Asphalt driveways can take several months to fully cure. The hotter the temperature the longer this process takes.

The first week it is suggested you do not drive or park on your driveway at all.

For the next week during the hot parts of the day do not park on the driveway. You should only be parking on it if it is a cool surface after the sun goes down.  Keep tires straight on any vehicles which you do park during cool surface hours. Keep sharp objects away from surface to prevent accidentally puncturing surface.

During the next 3 months it is suggested to not park on driveway surface when it is hot due to weather or sun beating on surface. Keep vehicles tires pointed straight and no sharp objects that could puncture surface.

Any vehicles or items that must be stored on driveway after first 2 weeks should have wood placed between tires and asphalt surface.  This will allow the weight to be distributed more evenly to the surface.

Do not allow heavy vehicles of any type of driveway until after 3 months. Use barricades if needed to keep delivery drivers and garbage trucks off asphalt while it is curing.

Clean all leaking oil and fuel from driveway immediately using absorbent materials.

Fill any cracks which may form over time from movement or during the freezing and thawing cycles of the year.

Keep edges protected by trying to not drive over them. Keep a good edge of soil near the sides of driveway to allow room for water drainage.

Remove plant material of any type which may attempt to push through asphalt and cause it to deteriorate.

Use a good quality seal coating every 3 years to reduce cracking. This gives your driveway a new shiny finish.